Insulation Companies Near Me

Insulating your home is a big and important job. Chances are you are reading this article because you are looking for insulating services. However, improper insulation can be costly and it is essential to choose the best company for the job. Therefore, taking the time to educate yourself on what a quality insulation company looks like will far outweigh the benefits long-term.

What Makes a Good Insulation Company?

Overall, a reputable insulation company will save you time and money. To ensure safety and efficiency, consider the key factors below before choosing your ideal insulation company.

They Are Insured and Licensed

Insulating your home can be a dangerous job. Doing it yourself or hiring a handyman is typically not recommended. The material itself is loaded with chemicals and the job requires special equipment to be installed correctly. You do not want to risk becoming liable should the unthinkable happen. That’s why it is important to check if the company has proper credentials.

They Can Provide References

You can easily look up reviews and testimonials on Google and Facebook, but it’s also a good idea to ask your insulation company of choice if they have references in writing. References can give you peace of mind because they are usually provided by trustworthy individuals that have agreed to vouch for the company. The more references a company can provide, the better.

They Go Above and Beyond in Customer Service

As stated in the beginning, insulation is a big job and can be a relatively lengthy process. Old insulation removal may have to take place, or walls may have to be opened before installing anything new. For a project so invasive yet necessary, you want a company that will hold your hand through the process.

Constant communication, respect for your property, and a friendly and professional attitude will go a long way in reassuring you that your home is in the right hands.

They Offer a Wide Range of Services

Some projects require a little more than just insulation removal and installation. Services such as sanitization treatments, air duct cleaning, and even insulating different spaces in your home provide a one time solution for the entirety of the project. This way, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple different companies, and it could even save you extra money.

They Are Reputable and Experienced

This goes without saying, but for many home projects (including insulation), experience is better. We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect” and that applies to the insulation company you choose. The more time they have spent perfecting their craft and professionalism, the more reassured you will be.

That is not to say newer companies are a bad choice. Ultimately, experience shows and the right company will not have a problem showing how trustworthy they are. Ask a lot of questions, look at reviews, and check for the appropriate credentials. If all checks out, all there is left to do is make the decision that is right for you.

How to Find the Right Company

Every homeowner’s idea of the right insulation company will vary slightly based on their needs. Regardless, there are a few commonalities when it comes to finding the right one for the job.

Conduct Research

Before taking to the internet, it doesn’t hurt to do a general evaluation of the problem area in your home, to assess what type of services you may require. Don’t worry about doing a full inspection, as the professional will do that for you in the last step. Simply estimating what sort of project you have on your hands will help you narrow down your search.

The first step after determining your insulation needs is to begin looking up companies near you that offer the right corresponding services. Evaluate at least three different companies by checking reviews, their websites, and what services they offer.


Next is the comparison phase. Does one company have a higher rating than the others? Does the lower rated one offer more of what you’re looking for? Are you impressed by another’s transparency by listing their certifications on their website? These are important questions to ask yourself when choosing the right insulation company for your specific needs.

Get Estimates

Lastly, call up the top contenders of your choice and invite them over to give you an estimate on the project. This is the last line of assessment when determining which company fits your needs the best. Further, this is also your time to ask all the questions you need, including references and proof of insurance and licensure. From there, simply choose the company you like the best!

Before implementing this process, let us put a potential company on your radar. Universal Insulation Doctor is an A+ BBB accredited insulation company based in Virginia Beach, VA. They also have other locations in VA and surrounding areas that include Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, and Hampton.


Universal Insulation Doctor offers more than insulation removal and installation. They also offer sanitization/disinfection treatments, air duct cleaning, even attic and sub-floor insulation! To further simplify things, the company has a three-step insulation installation process listed on their website to show customers what they can expect.

Check out their FAQ section to learn more about their services and what they offer.


As you can see, home insulation can come with many additional services and every home has a  different level of needs. The average cost of insulation services ranges from $3,000-$10,000. However, the cost depends on the size of the area being insulated, and the type of insulation. Additionally, the need for other services and insurance policies factor in as well.

Universal offers flexible payment options through Smartpay. Options include 90 day same as cash, 6 months interest-free, and up to 24 monthly payments with “0” down! Ultimately, you will not know any accurate price for your specific project unless you receive a free, in-home inspection. Set one up today!