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Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Year

Energy bills are getting more and more expensive each year, but our necessity for energy only grows, so we need to pay those bills, doesn’t matter its costs. However, what if I told you that there is a way of making those bills cheaper? All you need to do is follow some steps to make your energy more efficient.

But how come efficiently using energy make it cheaper? Well, how much you pay for energy is related to how much energy you use. If you use it cleverly, you can pay less since you won’t be spending energy wrongly. If you want to learn ways to make your home more energy-efficient this year, just keep reading.

  1. Get the insulation system installed

One of the most clever and important ways to save up energy and use it efficiently is to get insulation installed at your house, and any energy auditor will tell you that. Insulation creates a barrier between your house and the outside air, so when it is hot out there, your house will be able to maintain a cooler temperature easier, and when it is cold, your house will be able to maintain a hotter temperature easier as well. It can reduce the cost of cooling and heating your house by over 40%, so it is certainly a big help. Also, it is eco-friendly since it saves non-renewable resources and helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Insulation also brings other benefits to your home, such as making your house quieter since it reduces the number of noises from the street that you will be able to hear inside your home, making your house having a higher property value if you ever think of selling it, making your house more comfortable, making it harder to get moisture and mold in your walls, and many more. Getting proper insulation installed is so beneficial that it pays itself some years after the installation.

  1. Be aware of phantom power consumption

Don’t worry, this is not related to ghosts at all. Phantom power consumption happens when you leave electronic devices plugged all day, even when you are not using them. For example, every TV has a light signal that shows when it is on and when it is off, right? That light costs energy, even when you are not using it. All you need to do to solve this is to plug your electronics devices and countertop appliances into a power bar and program it to turn off at night, so when you are sleeping those devices won’t be wasting any energy.

  1. Switch to LED light bulbs

You may know it by now, but if you don’t, be aware that incandescent lightbulbs waste a lot of energy, and they are not as good as LED light bulbs are in terms of efficiency and quality. If you want to save money and go to a greener option, replace your lightbulbs with LED lightbulbs.

  1. Clean your filters

insulation virginiaClean or replace all filters that you have at your house that is being used by electronic devices is very important for a series of reasons. First, for health issues. Dirty filters can affect your health situation, especially if you have allergies. Second, the devices need to work harder once the filter is broken or dirt since the system is affected, so they will spend more energy trying to compensate for this problem, and they won’t work as they should.

  1. Only turn on your electronics if you’re using it

This is related to the phantom power consumption issue. As I’ve said, electronic devices use energy even if you are not using them, so don’t let your computer, printer, and more connected if you are not using them. Especially, don’t let your chargers be plugged if you are not charging anything. And don’t let your smartphone be plugged in overnight. It only needs a couple of hours to charge.

  1. Install a clothesline

Clothe dryers use a lot of energy, almost 6% of houses’ total energy use, so install a clothesline and hang your clothes outside during the hot months and inside to air dry during the cold months if you can. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this.

If you can’t follow this tip, try to set your dryer to an automatic cycle, which will make the device stop once it senses that your clothing is dry. Also, keep your dryer duct clean.

  1. If possible, use natural light

Natural light is very important for multiple factors. Again, it is related to health. The natural light helps us to feel better mentally and physically since it helps our bodies to produce some much-needed hormones. But besides the healthy stuff, natural light helps us to save energy since during many hours in the day we won’t need to turn on the artificial lights. So, while you can, keep your curtains open and enjoy the natural light.

  1. Defrost your refrigerator and freezer

Defrosting your refrigerator and freezer whenever it needs is ultra-necessary. You will notice that the time to defrost it and clean it has come once the ice buildup is almost ¼ inch (0.63 cm) thick. It helps you to save energy since your refrigerator and freezer won’t need to work harder to keep everything cold. Also, it will help to keep these devices clean so you won’t make your food get contaminated.

As you have seen, there are many clever and easier ways to save energy and use it efficiently. If you are searching for a trustworthy place that will help you to install a high-quality home insulation system, you are with luck today. Universal Insulation Doctor is a Virginia-based company that offers multiple services, such as attic insulation, sub-floor insulation, new insulation, air duct cleaning, sanitize and disinfectant treatment, and more. You can hire their services in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, and Hampton. Call them and start saving energy now!