Don't Let Winter Sneak In:
Insulate Before Christmas!


We were faced with a pretty tragic emergency situation over the holiday weekend and didn't even know if they could help us….The team showed up exactly when they said they would and were incredibly professional, got the job done and made our horrifying catastrophe manageable. They were AMAZING.

Allison Grady

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Are You Cold in Your Own Home?

Professionally installed insulation and air sealing lowers your electric bills and helps your home to reach that perfect Christmas temperature with minimal strain. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your home comfort without dipping into your presents budget.

With new tax incentives from the federal government AND our holiday offer there is no better time to upgrade your home than right now.

Why Upgrade?

Because it’s likely that 20% of your electric bill is being wasted by your home’s old insulation. Or because your old insulation is providing a cozy Christmas couch for rodents and pests. It could be because you keep feeling unwanted breezes in your house or get perpetual stuffy noses in your house. Or, maybe you are just sick of hearing your heating system strain all night. Professional installed insulation will:
Want to know if insulation is the right solution for your home? Call Universal Insulation Doctor at (757) 962-0340 or click below to schedule an appointment.

Promo Insulation Services

attic insulation installation

Attic Insulation

- Pest-guard Cellulose
- Pest-guard Fiberglass

Crawl Space Insulation Inspection

Crawlspace Insulation

- Pest-guard Cellulose
- Pest-guard Fiberglass
- Fiberglass Batt Subfloor
- Termite Resistant Foamboard

air duct sealing winter promo

Air Sealing

rodent removal

Rodent Removal

Start Saving Right Away with our Holiday Discount & Available Tax Credits

Insulation and air sealing is eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $1,200* on top of our 5% holiday discount!
With 0% Financing available there is no better time than now!

Is New Insulation Right for my Home?

Upgrading your insulation is a good idea for many homes but especially if yours is:

Are you a good fit for a free inspection of your insulation? Call us at (757) 962-0340 to schedule your next-day service.

Universal came out and gave me a free inspection. They took their time and found where the rats were getting inside my attic. They sealed it up with their attic guard, came out and custom bent the flashing to cover the builders gap and openings. Sanitized my attic and put in new insulation, my attic now smells great. Thank you Insulation Doctor.

David Shafer

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